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The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) In-Center Hemodialysis Survey is designed to measure the experiences of people receiving in-center hemodialysis (ICH) care from Medicare-certified dialysis facilities. Beginning in calendar year 2014, the In-Center Hemodialysis CAHPS Survey, also referred to as the ICH CAHPS Survey, is conducted for ICH facilities by survey vendors approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

For more information on the history and background of the ICH CAHPS Survey, participation requirements, and public reporting, visit the About ICHCAHPS page. For information about how to become an approved ICH CAHPS Survey vendor, please click on the Vendor Application Process link under the "For Vendors" tab above.

Viewers are encouraged to check this site, which is the official web site for the ICH CAHPS Survey, regularly for updated information about the ICH CAHPS Survey.

For more information, please contact or call 1-866-245-8083.

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ICH CAHPS 2021 Fall Survey Data Collection Schedule

Activity Date
Submit New Facility-Specific Questions to CMS 8/6/2021
Deadline for Authorizing a Vendor for 2021 Fall Survey1 8/31/2021
Deadline (for vendors) to Review Vendor Authorization Report and Notify the Coordination Team of any Authorization Issues 9/1/2021
Sampling Window TBD2
Sample Files Uploaded on ICH CAHPS Website 9/24/2021
Vendors Attest to Receipt of Sample File 9/28/2021
Mail Prenotification Letter 10/15/2021
Mail 1st Survey (mail only and mixed mode)/Begin Telephone data collection (phone only mode) 10/29/2021
Mail 2nd Survey (mail only)/Begin phone follow-up (mixed mode) 12/1/2021
Data Collection Ends 1/7/2022
Vendors Clean/Process Final Data and Construct XML File 1/7/2022-1/25/2022
Deadline for Submitting XML Data File to ICH Data Center 1/26/2022

1 Only ICH facilities that will be switching to a different survey vendor and those that will be participating in the ICH CAHPS Survey for the first time will need to complete the online vendor authorization form.
2 Due to the notice regarding the suspension of users entering EQRS (formerly CROWNWeb) clinical data until at least August 31, 2021, the fall sampling window may deviate from the normal months for the 2021 Fall Survey.

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