Application to Become a CMS-approved ICH CAHPS Survey Vendor for the 2024 Fall Survey Now Available
folder_openTraining Informationcalendar_todayPosted October 27, 2023

The In-Center Hemodialysis CAHPS (ICH CAHPS) Survey Coordination Team is now accepting applications from survey organizations interested in becoming approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to administer the ICH CAHPS Survey on behalf of in-center hemodialysis facilities.

Interested survey vendors must submit an application to the ICH CAHPS Coordination Team by 5:00 PM ET on December 8, 2023. Survey organizations that submit an application by December 8th and meet the requirements for becoming a CMS-approved ICH CAHPS Survey vendor, including participating in the Introduction training session, will be eligible to administer the survey beginning with the 2024 ICH CAHPS Fall Survey.

Applicant survey vendors must complete the following tasks to be considered for approval:

  1. Meet a set of minimum business requirements located here.
  2. Designate a staff member to be the vendor’s ICH CAHPS Survey Administrator.
  3. The vendor's designated ICH CAHPS Survey Administrator must complete the online Vendor Registration Form (available under the "For Vendors" menu) to obtain login credentials to the ICH CAHPS website.
  4. After submitting the Vendor Registration Form, the ICH CAHPS Survey Administrator can complete and submit the Vendor Application which is on the Vendor Dashboard. They will be directed to their Vendor Dashboard once they submit the Vendor Registration.
  5. Print, complete, notarize, and mail the ICH CAHPS Survey Vendor Survey Administrator Consent Form to the ICH CAHPS Coordination Team at the address listed on the top of the form. The Consent Form will be available via the Vendor Dashboard once the Vendor Application has been submitted.
  6. The vendor's designated ICH CAHPS Survey Administrator must register for and complete the 2024 Introduction to the ICH CAHPS Survey self-paced training and the training certification in late February 2024; the certification will be provided via email to registrants. We strongly encourage all key ICH CAHPS staff to complete this self-paced ICH CAHPS Survey training. Subcontractors who will have a significant role (i.e., those conducting the following activities: telephone survey data collection, mail/questionnaire receipt and/or processing, and construction or submission of XML data files) must also complete this self-paced ICH CAHPS Survey training. If conditional approval is granted, newly approved vendors must attend all ICH CAHPS Update training sessions. More details on trainings will be posted on the ICH CAHPS website in December.
  7. Agree to implement the ICH CAHPS Survey using standardized protocols and procedures described in the ICH CAHPS Survey Administration and Specifications Manual available here.
  8. Complete and submit a Quality Assurance Plan within 6 weeks after the vendor’s first ICH CAHPS Survey data submission.
  9. Participate and cooperate in all oversight activities conducted by the ICH CAHPS Survey Coordination Team, including but not limited to conference calls and site visits, as deemed necessary.

Please contact the ICH CAHPS Survey Coordination Team at 1-866-245-8083 or via email at if you have questions about the ICH CAHPS survey and the requirements for becoming an approved ICH CAHPS Survey vendor.