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Questions and Answers from the 2019 ICH CAHPS Survey Introduction and Vendor Update Webinar Training Sessions

Feb 22

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Questions asked by participants during and after the February 14, 2019 ICH CAHPS Survey Vendor Update Webinar Training session and the answers provided are provided below.

Please note that there were no questions asked by participants during the February 13, 2019 Introduction to the ICH CAHPS Survey Webinar Training Session.

Vendor Update Training Session Topic: Survey Schedule:

Q: Do you require Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) submission of survey materials in English only?

A: Survey materials should be submitted as an appendix to your QAP for all languages that your organization is approved for.

Vendor Update Training Session Topic: Survey Administration:

Q: With the disposition rule described in slide 67 (Vendor Update Training Slide 67: If the nursing home staff member indicates they are not permitted to transfer the telephone interviewer to the sample patient’s room, and the telephone interviewer is unable to obtain a new phone number for the sample patient, then a final disposition code of 160 (Ineligible: Does Not Meet Eligibility Criteria) should be assigned to the case), how are interviewers supposed to distinguish this scenario from a Bad Phone Number disposition code? When reaching someone on the phone it is often difficult to determine if it's a nursing home or why they can't answer.

A: The new protocol for handling nursing home residents should only be applied if it is clear to the telephone interviewer that they have reached a nursing home, such as being greeted by staff at the front desk at the nursing home. The Code 240: Nonresponse: Bad or No Telephone Number should be assigned only if there is evidence that the sample patient’s telephone number is not viable. Situations where a case should be final coded a 240 include when the telephone interviewer learns that the telephone number on file is disconnected, nonworking, or out of order, or the telephone interviewer reaches a person and learns that the telephone number is the wrong number for the sample patient.

2019 Vendor Update Training Session Slides:

The ICH CAHPS Coordination Team has made the following minor edits to the 2019 Vendor Update Training Session Slides:

  • Slide 30 – Corrected the 2019 Spring Survey Begin Data Collection date to: 5/3/2019
  • Slide 31– Corrected the 2019 Fall Survey Begin Data Collection date to: 11/1/2019
  • Slide 94 – Corrected the example XML file name to: ICHCAHPS_123456_201901.xml

The updated 2019 Vendor Update Training slides have been reposted on the Training Materials page here:

Please contact the ICH CAHPS Coordination Team via email at or call (866) 245-8083 if you have any questions about the answers to these questions, the training slide updates, or if you need further clarification.