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Updated ICH CAHPS Telephone Scripts Now Available

Jan 22

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The Coordination Team has made a minor change to the ICH CAHPS Survey Telephone Script to clarify the appropriate use of the two intro statements that appear above Q45. Please note that telephone interviewers should read only one of these intro statements to a respondent, as follows.

The Q45_INTRO should be used when completing the telephone interview with an eligible respondent. That is, the sample patient reports in Q1 that he or she gets dialysis from a dialysis center and he or she has received dialysis for 3 months or more in Q2. After the Q3-44 have been administered to the respondent, the interviewer should read the Q45_INTRO. Once the Q45_INTRO is read, the CATI system should go to Q45, as indicated in the new skip instruction, which has been added to the script.

  • Q45_INTRO This last set of questions asks for information about you. Please listen to all response choices before you answer the following questions. [GOTO Q45]

The Q45_INTRO2 should be used when a respondent chooses “At home” or “I DO NOT CURRENTLY RECEIVE DIALYSIS” in response to Q1, or “Less than 3 months” or “I DO NOT CURRENTLY RECEIVE DIALYSIS AT THIS DIALYSIS CENTER” in response to Q2. If these response options are chosen, the CATI system should then skip to the Q45_INTRO2 (shown below), and then the interviewer should administer Q45.

  • Q45_INTRO2 The following questions are about you and your health. This information will help the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services better understand how well you are doing.

If your CATI system is not currently administering Q45_INTRO and Q45_INTRO2 correctly, vendors should note that these changes must be made before the 2018 Spring Survey begins.

Please contact the ICH CAHPS Survey Coordination Team at 1-866-245-8083 or via email at if you have any questions.

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