Revised ICH CAHPS Survey Data Submission Tools and Resources Now Available
folder_openData Submissionscalendar_todayPosted April 29, 2024

Revised Data Submission Tools:

The ICH CAHPS Survey data submission tools (Schema Validation Tool and Data Submission Tool) have now been updated to reflect the edits made to the race questions in the 2024 Spring Survey: Q59 in the mail surveys and Q59 and Q59b in the telephone scripts. As a reminder, ICH CAHPS Survey vendors were required to begin implementing mail surveys and CATI scripts with the reordered race categories starting with the 2024 Spring Survey period. Data from this survey period will need to be submitted to the ICH CAHPS Data Center by July 31, 2024.

Revised XML Data File Layout:

As noted in December 2023 (Updated ICH CAHPS Survey Materials for the 2024 Spring Survey), the ICH CAHPS Survey XML data layout file was also revised to reflect the edits made to the above referenced race questions in the 2024 Spring Survey.

As a reminder, the revisions to the <race> data elements in the XML file included:

  • Reordering of the race response options for XML element Q59-mail, Q59-phone, and Q59b-phone to match the new order of the response categories for these survey questions (i.e., alphabetical order); and
  • The addition of the following race variables: Q59-mail race-asian-mail (i.e. “Asian”) and Q59-mail race-nativehawaiian-pacific-mail (i.e. “Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander”).

The revised ICH CAHPS Survey XML data file layout can be found on the Data Submission Resources webpage (

Please note that in light of these changes to the race questions, additional information will be provided in the coming weeks regarding quality control checks that vendors should conduct on their 2024 Spring Survey data prior to data submission.

Please contact the ICH CAHPS Coordination Team via email at or call toll-free at 1-866-245-8083 if you have any questions.