Patient-Mix Coefficients, Star Ratings, and Average State and National Scores for the ICH CAHPS Survey Results Publicly Reported in April 2024
folder_openInformation for Dialysis Facilitiescalendar_todayPosted April 25, 2024

The ICH CAHPS Survey results that are currently posted on Care Compare on the website ( are based on ICH CAHPS Survey data from the 2022 ICH CAHPS Fall and 2023 ICH CAHPS Spring Surveys.

Patient-Mix Coefficients and Star Ratings for the 2024 April Refresh

The results shown are statistically adjusted for both data collection mode and for patient-mix. Information about the adjustments made to the survey results and the coefficients used to adjust the results can be found here. Information presented in this document will allow ICH facilities to approximate the effect of patient-mix adjustment on their ICH CAHPS Survey results that were posted on Care Compare in April 2024. This document also includes additional information on the clustering method used to create ICH CAHPS Star Ratings (Appendix A).

Average State and National Scores for the 2024 April Refresh

In addition, you can click here to see the state and national averages for the three ICH CAHPS composite measures and the three global ratings based on the combined data from these two survey periods. The average response rate for each state and the overall response rate are also provided in this document.

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