Request for Interest in Becoming an Approved ICH CAHPS Survey Vendor for 2023
folder_openTraining Informationcalendar_todayPosted September 19, 2022

Important Information for Survey Vendor Organizations Interested in Becoming an Approved ICH CAHPS Survey Vendor

***Any survey vendor organization, not already a CMS-approved survey vendor for ICH CAHPS, interested in applying to become an approved ICH CAHPS Survey vendor must notify the ICH CAHPS Coordination Team of their interest via email at no later than Monday, October 3, 2022.***

The ICH CAHPS Coordination Team is preparing for the semiannual ICH CAHPS Surveys that will be conducted in calendar year 2023. This will include accepting and processing applications from survey vendor organizations and training those survey vendors to become a CMS approved ICH CAHPS Survey vendor; however, any interested survey vendor organization must notify us of their intent to submit an application by 5 PM ET on October 3, 2022. To become a CMS-approved ICH CAHPS Survey vendor, survey organizations must at a minimum:

  • complete and submit the ICH CAHPS Vendor Application via the ICH CAHPS website,
  • meet the minimum business requirements posted on the ICH CAHPS website,
  • participate in the self-administered Introduction to the ICH CAHPS Webinar Training,
  • complete a training certification after participating in the Introduction training, and
  • attend all vendor update training sessions.

The vendor application will be made available on the website in late October, depending on the response to this request for interest announcement. Survey organizations that submit an application for 2023, meet the requirements for becoming a CMS-approved ICH CAHPS Survey vendor, and receive final approval from CMS will be eligible to administer the survey beginning with the 2023 ICH CAHPS Fall Survey.

Please contact the Coordination Team via email at or call us toll-free telephone at 1-866-245-8083 if you have any questions about this request for interest.