ICH CAHPS Survey: Tips for Entering Patient Email Addresses in EQRS
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Dear ICH CAHPS Survey Administrators:

As noted in an announcement posted/emailed in mid-April, we have finalized a shortened version of the ICH CAHPS Survey that will be tested as part of a mode experiment this fall. The mode experiment will determine 1) whether the shortened survey should be implemented in the national implementation of the ICH CAHPS Survey and 2) whether adding a web mode to the ICH CAHPS Survey is feasible and practical.

This mode experiment includes emailing survey invitations to sample patients; however, we know that there are not many email addresses included in the EQRS data that are used for sampling. In addition, we have had ICH facilities reach out asking us if we can tell them where/how to add patient email addresses in EQRS. The EQRS team has provided us with some information about adding patient email addresses in EQRS and we are sharing that information below. They have also noted that they are working on adding a way for facilities to batch submit email addresses within EQRS; however, we do not yet know the timing for this.

While updating April, May, and June data in EQRS, we encourage ICH facilities to also add email addresses for sample patients, when possible. We understand that some patients may not have email addresses, or they may choose not to provide you with their email addresses. Please do not pressure your patients into providing email addresses. But for those email addresses that you do have, please consider entering them into EQRS using the instructions provided below. Doing so will ensure we reach as many patients as possible for this important mode experiment.

How to Enter Patient Email Addresses in EQRS

The EQRS instructional guide at this link details how facilities can add patient’s email address into EQRS (see slide 40): EQRS New User Training

Admitting a Patient: When entering patient information in EQRS upon admitting a patient, facilities will click on the “Patients” dropdown menu and select “Admit a Patient.” Then, enter data in the Patient Information section and Admission Information section, then click “Next.” Facilities will then go through each section and fill in the necessary and applicable data in each field provided in EQRS. When entering the contact information of the patient, there will be a field for “email address” located within the “Contact” chevron on the Patient data form.

Editing a Patient: When editing patient information in EQRS for an existing patient, facilities will click on the “Patients” dropdown menu and select “Search Patients.” Once the patient has been selected, in the View Patient Demographic section, click “Edit” and navigate to the “Contact” chevron. The user can then update the patient email address in the “email address” field.

Another link that may be helpful to learn how to navigate EQRS in general: EQRS Facility Editor Quick Start Guide

We appreciate your help with this important matter! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Coordination Team at

The ICH CAHPS Coordination Team