IMPORTANT NOTICE: Schedule Changes for the 2022 ICH CAHPS Spring Survey
folder_openOther Announcementscalendar_todayPosted March 1, 2022

Last January, CMS announced the suspension of ICH facilities and other users entering clinical data into EQRS, the database that replaced CROWNWeb for ICH CAHPS Survey sampling. ICH facilities have now been given an extended deadline of 3/31/2022 to enter all 2021 dialysis data into EQRS, and therefore RTI does not anticipate receiving updated data needed for sampling until the end of April. As such, the 2022 ICH CAHPS Spring Survey will be delayed and shorter than the normal 12-week data collection period.

Prior to the 2020 Spring Survey period that was affected by Covid-19, RTI obtained feedback from vendors about how best to condense the data collection schedule. Based on that feedback, we have drafted a revised data collection schedule for the 2022 Spring Survey, as shown below. Please note that each proposed date is not a hard deadline, but one that vendors should aim to meet within several days. An Exceptions Request Form (ERF) is not required for minor schedule deviations; however, if you are unable to meet a date within several days, we ask that you please discuss with the Coordination Team.

We also want to note that for vendors administering mixed mode, you will not be required to make 10 call attempts; however, we encourage you to make as many attempts as possible, and no less than 6.

REVISED 2022 ICH CAHPS Spring Survey Schedule:

Activity Original Date Revised Date
Sampling Window 10/1/2021-12/31/2021 10/1/2021-12/31/2021
Sample Files Uploaded on ICH CAHPS Website 3/25/2022 5/16/2022
Vendors Attest to Receipt of Sample File 3/29/2022 5/18/2022
Mail Prenotification Letter 4/15/2022 5/31/2022
Mail 1st Questionnaire (mail only and mixed mode)/Begin Telephone data collection (phone only) 4/29/2022 6/8/2022
Mail 2nd Questionnaire (mail only)/Begin phone follow-up (mixed mode) 5/27/2022 6/29/2022
Data Collection Ends 7/8/2022 7/26/2022
Vendors Clean/Process Final Data and Construct XML File 7/8/2022-7/26/2022 7/26/2022-8/9/2022
Deadline for Submitting XML Data File to ICH Data Center 7/27/2022 8/10/2022

We will update you as soon as possible if any dates shift again, in which case an updated revised schedule will be provided.

Please contact the Coordination Team via email at or call 1-866-245-8083 if you have any questions or need more information about the revised 2022 ICH CAHPS Spring Survey schedule.