Updated ICH CAHPS Survey Materials for the 2020 Spring Survey
folder_openChanges to Survey Materialscalendar_todayPosted February 6, 2020

The following ICH CAHPS Survey materials have been updated for the 2020 Spring Survey and have been posted on the ICH CAHPS website:

Materials posted to the “Survey Materials” page here:

  • Mail Questionnaires in all approved languages (5 questionnaires):
    • The OMB expiration date (which is required to be printed under the stand-alone OMB number in the upper right-hand corner on the cover or first page of the mail questionnaire) has been revised to display as: “Expiration Date: December 31, 2022”
  • Telephone Scripts in both approved languages (2 scripts):
    • Updated in questions INTRO1 and INTRO3 the skip instructions for response option 4 MENTALLY/PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE to display as “[GO TO Q_REF AND CODE AS MENTALLY/PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE]”: instead of the previous skip instruction of “[GO TO Q_END AND CODE AS MENTALLY/PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE]”
  • OMB Disclosure notice (5 documents):
    • Very minor edits to the header explanatory text for vendors. The actual text that is to be printed on the survey materials did not change.

Materials posted under the “For Vendors” dropdown:

  • Minimum Business Requirements:
    • Updated to reflect CMS reserves the right to request a past performance evaluation from the vendor or CAHPS contractor.

These updated ICH CAHPS Survey materials will be discussed during the ICH CAHPS Vendor Update Webinar Training session on Thursday, February 13, 2020. A training agenda and the presentation slides for this training session will be posted on the ICH CAHPS website before 5:00 PM Eastern Time on February 7, 2019.

Please contact the ICH CAHPS Coordination Team via email at or call toll-free at 1-866-245-8083 if you have any questions.